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Industrial Hardware & Gas Springs

LaVanture Products is a major distributor of many hardware products from leading manufacturers all across the country and world. Most products are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Below is list of the products contained in our hardware catalog.

Industrial Hardware Catalog
Tite Lok Mounting Clamps Catalog
  • Drossbach Convoluted Conduit - Polyethylene, Polyethylene RVT, Polypropylene Fire Retardant, Nylon
  • Vinyl Coated Steel - Clamps Flared-Edge, Closed, Double Tube, J, Cushioned
  • Bushings and Plugs - Snap, Shorty, Open/Closed, Universal Bushings, Vent Plugs, Dome/Hole Plugs
  • Cable Ties - Standard, Ultraviolet, Screw Mount
  • Breeze Hose Clamps - Power-Seal, Miniature, Marine Grade, Aero-Seal, T-Bolt, Constant Torque, Liner
  • Electrical Wiring - T.E.W. Primary Wire, Trailer Cable, Trailer Brake Cable, Bonded Ribbon Cable, Speaker Wire
  • Pollak Connectors and Adapters - 4-Way, 6 -Way & 7- Way Connectors, Heavy Duty Connectors & Adapters, EZ Adapters, Wishbone Trailer Harnesses
  • Wiring Accessories - Scotch-Lok Connectors, Ring terminals, Butt Splices, Wire Connectors, Heat shrink Tubing, Fuses, Fuse Holders, Circuit Breakers
  • Smoke and Gas Detectors from Kidde and First Alert- Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors, LP Gas Detectors, Ion Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Extinguishers from Kidde and First Alert - Multi-Purpose, Single Purpose, Rechargeable Extinguishers and Mounting Brackets
  • Highway Safety Triangles
  • Industrial Tapes - Duct, Masking, Carpet, Black Bottom, Painter, Foil, Electrical, Strapping, Carton, Anti-Slip , Shrink Wrap
  • Conspicuity Tape - 3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tapes, LaVanture Products brand tape
  • Hose Products - Pressure, Tubing, Drain, Helix, Vent, Reinforced, Sewer, Smooth-Bor, Saniflex, Water, Specialty
  • Rotational Molded O.E.M. Polyethylene Water Tanks
  • Screw-In Access Covers
  • Valterra Plumbing Products - Waste Valve Assemblies, EZ Hose Carriers, Solid Extension Tubes, Caps, Adapters, Inlets, Hatches, Sewersolutions, Assorted Accessories
  • Fastening Devices - Baggage Locks, Compartment Latches, Baggage Lock Cams, Rope Rings, Hold-Downs
  • Heavy duty black rubber dock bumpers with mounting holes manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • Spray Products - Krylon Paint, Silicone Lube, Industrial Adhesive, Insulating Foam, Glass Cleaner, Adhesive & Wax Remover
  • Gas Springs and Accessories - Full Line of Black Nitride & Stainless Steel Gas Springs and Accessories

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